Liquoristerie de Provence:
a tradition of exception

The purpose of La Liquoristerie de Provence is to bring ancestral recipes up to date
or to create new recipes, drawing inspiration from the great classic spirits revisited
in the Provençal style. It strives to give birth to an authentic pleasure full of meaning,
perfectly in tune with today's expectations while respecting the earth and the vegetable.

  • Provence spirits

    La Liquoristerie de Provence is one of the last liquor producer to work in a traditional way, using macerations of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, roots and not synthesized aromas. Resurrect Absinthes, aperitifs, Provence liquors .....

    Reviving the spirit of the liquorist "Masters" by producing exceptional elixirs, such is our unique know-how

  • Already consumed in Egypt in 1600 BC for its medicinal properties, the "Green Fairy" owed its success to XIXeen century artists and intellectuals, before being unduly prohibited in 1915. And it was the Liquoristerie de Provence which, in 1999, was the...

  • Gamme Anisés

    La Liquoristerie de Provence offers a range of 3 different aniseed, each with specific characteristics. All made in the old style from macerations and infusions of plants, the anise that reigns supreme, also shares the spotlight with licorice or various...

  • Gamme Liqueurs

    It is from the Provencal diversity that plants are selected to be transformed into macerations and alcoholates. In order for each dried plant to restore most of its flavors, it infuses for a long time and separately in a fine alcohol, then it is...

  • From elsewhere but from over here

    New at the Liquoristerie de Provence !
    A varied and very complete range of spirits, often coming from elsewhere but always revisited with the immense diversity of botanicals from our garrigues, the legendary water from the springs of our hills or the so particular know-how of our Provencal Master Liquorists.
    Already endowed with world wide appreciated characters, these spirits thus benefit from a real added value, from a very Provencal "faconde" (way of). This collection of spirits will amaze with its atypical recipes but also with original labels on the theme of Provençal animals, existing or legendary, which will illustrate for each product this ambivalence of the specific characteristics of origin and characteristics specific to Provence.

  • A spirit drink obtained by flavoring alcohol with mainly juniper berries, the gin is back in fashion. Long relegated to second place behind vodkas and dedicated entirely to the world of cocktails, it now rivals creativity and technicality to offer infinite palettes of...

  • Gamme Vodkas

    Vodka whose name means in Slavic languages "little water" is a drink traditionally made from potatoes or cereals. Typically Polish, we produce it in Russia, Finland… but also in France, new champion of “super premium” vodkas.