Maker of artisanal spirits in the Var region

Born from the idea of Pascal Rolland to revive a whole range of aniseed, absinthe and Provençal liqueurs of the past with so particular scents and flavours, the Liquoristerie de Provence is taken over by Renaud and Adeline de Barry in 2017.

Histoire Liquoristerie de provence


Liquoristerie de Provence’s vocation is to bring up to date ancestral recipes to give birth to an authentic pleasure full of meaning and history, perfectly in tune with today's expectations while respecting earth and plants. Due to its fundamental traditional crafting processes Liquoristerie de Provence had been labelled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" in 2007 (In renewing process)

Both dynamic business leaders, one from the world of the wine cellar and the other having taken over the prestigious family winery, the Château de Saint Martin Cru Classé of Côtes de Provence which has excelled in quality for centuries, will have at heart to defend the Provencal nectars. They were tempted by the idea of ​​bringing ancestral recipes up to date and by the more modern idea of ​​revisiting elixirs from elsewhere with a Provençal style.

All this to give birth to an authentic pleasure loaded with meaning and perfectly in line with today's expectations.

La Liquoristerie de Provence and Château de Saint Martin have obvious synergies in common and a deep sharing of fundamental values.

And as there is no coincidence, they inherit at the same time a small black notebook, collection of precious recipes from a renowned family distillery: La Grande Distillerie de Bordeaux, Archambeaud Frères, house created in 1820 which , under the direction of Renaud's paternal grandfather, Paul Archambeaud, will make French spirits shine at the time, with a vision very close to theirs, far beyond the oceans. Today, the Liquoristerie, quick to capture quality inspirations, has already drawn from it, recipes of yesteryear whose worldwide success is still the joy of collectors today and just added small current touches.

At Liquoristerie de Provence, products are all made from plants macerations and infusions (not synthesized aromas) and that’s what makes the difference!